Geographic Information System

The Norfolk County Mosquito Control District utilizes Geographic Information System (GIS) to document and distribute information to the public about various aspects of our program. GIS is a form of computerized mapping that combines mapping and databases and allows us to overlay different map elements to suit our needs. This way, we are able to produce simple maps showing our activities throughout the District, and keep a digital record of our past activities.  All of our base map data is courtesy of MassGIS.  This is an excellent site to learn more about GIS and to download extensive data for the Commonwealth.  Below are examples of how we utilize GIS.

Aerial Larvicide

Wetlands are precisely delineated and a database provides information about the wetland, including type, area, and past larval data.

These wetland files are then converted to a format recognizable by the helicopter GPS software and uploaded to the helicopter GPS system.  The pilots can precisely locate the wetland boundaries and target the pesticide.  Both the flight path and the location that pesticide was applied can then be converted back to our GIS software and displayed on our computers, as well as stored for future reference.  

Resident Requests

When you make your request online, the address information is automatically mapped onto our GIS software.  This allows us to see the location of requests as they come in which helps us quickly allocate resources to effectively deal with localized mosquito outbreaks.


ULV Spray Routes

Our ULV spray routes are generated by the location of requests.  In order to ensure good coverage, we generally spray a short distance (up to a half mile) on either side of a resident who’s made a request.  We will also spray any side streets near the home or streets behind the home.  In the case of a large number of requests in a certain area, we will spray entire neighborhoods.  Maps will be created based on the request location and will be given to our field crew.  The maps are also uploaded to our GPS system in each truck.  Finally, the spray routes are uploaded to a searchable map on our website by 3:30 PM on the day your town is scheduled.



GPS Equipment

All of our trucks are equipped with GPS tracking equipment.  The GPS tracks our ULV Application allowing us to determine what streets were treated, as well as the exact time, date, and treatment rate at any given location. All of this information is made available to the public for review. We continue to research the latest technology involving GIS and will incorporate these improvements into our daily activities.


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