ULV Spray Exclusion

State Regulation 333 CMR:13:03 (PDF) provides a method for homeowners to exclude their property from public area-wide pesticide applications.The Department of Agricultural Resources (DAR) has approved changes to the pesticide exclusion regulations starting in 2017.  There will no longer be a deadline to request exclusion. Requests will be allowed at any time of year and expire at the end of each calendar year. In addition, requests for exclusion will no longer be going to town clerks. The requests will be directly made through an online form at the Department of Agricultural Resources (DAR) and simultaneously be forwarded to Mosquito Control Districts.We encourage you to not send exclusion requests to your town clerk or The Mosquito Control District, since you will be required to re-submit these requests via the online form. The regulation, with the highlighted changes, can be seen HERE. Scroll to Section 13.03 (page 3 of the PDF).

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