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Due to technical difficulties, our Tire Request form is currently unavailable.  Please call the office to make a tire request. 
Process to Exclude from Mosquito Spraying

Spray Schedule

Mosquito spraying applications will begin at sunset and end by midnight. Contact us by 10AM on your town’s scheduled day to be considered for service.


View predictions for coastal mosquito outbreaks here

Spray Route

Enter your address into the search bar of the map below to see if your street is scheduled for service (Refresh browser for most up to date information).  Maps of the spray routes will be available after 3:30PM on the scheduled spray date.

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Spray applications are dependent on temperature and weather conditions.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: If you have, previous to this season, used the after-hours phone service to find out about if your street was being sprayed on any particular evening, please click here.

Used Tire Recycling

Our Used Tire Recycling Program has been inspired and shaped by our fellow mosquito control workers at Central Massachusetts Mosquito Control. One of our goals in Integrated Mosquito Management is source reduction and abandoned used tires, unfortunately, serve as habitat for container breeding mosquito species. Used tire piles are often overlooked in mosquito control programs because they do not appear in our mapping databases like wetlands and vernal pools do; so the threat of potential mosquito-borne diseases increases in the surrounding area if the situation is not remedied. In addition to removing these mosquito habitats, we are also cleaning up the environment.

Requirements for Program Eligibility:

(a) Must be a resident or municipal official within our member communities,

(b) tires must be passenger and light truck tires (off-rim only),

(c) maximum of 10 of tires per household per calendar year

Tires accepted as part of this program will be sent to an approved facility for recycling. This program will comply with all state and federal solid waste regulations, as well as all local fire codes. This program is subject to end without notice.

Request a pick up of your used tires here.

For more information about the Used Tire Recycling Program, please use the form below.


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